Clothing Services


Garments Sourcing Services can help you source factories, produce clothing, and monitor quality assurance from Asian Factories. Garments Sourcing Services utilizes the best international clothing factories in Asia, in countries like India, Pakistan and Bangladesh presently.  Our mission is to assist you with producing the highest quality clothing & fashion accessories at the lowest possible cost.  If you are currently producing large quantities of clothing, we can help you improve your profit margin.  Allow us to give you a quote…

  1. Clothing Production & Factory Sourcing
  2. Fashion Design Studio
  3. Supply Chain Consulting / Logistics
  4. Sample Making
  5. Buyer Name Database
  6. Shipment Refund Processing
  7. Factoring Services
  8. Model Portfolio Service
  9. Shopping Portal Integration – retail integration
  10. Travel Database – book travel to Trades Shows etc.
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