Quality Assurance

Pre-Shipment Inspection

When 80% of your order is complete, an inspector visits the factory and uses industry standard processes to comprehensively review and test your product, ensuring it meets agreed upon specifications.

Why You Need a Pre-Shipment Inspection: Don’t take any risks with your order. Ensure the product you pay for meets your specifications before you settle final payment.

Why us:

  • $199 USD all-inclusive per man-day
  • An inspector onsite within 48 hours  and same day reports
  • Easy online scheduling with customizable checklists

See our inspection folder 

Why use GarmentsSourcing.com?

 We are an independent, certified and licensed quality control company, working on your side to protect your business interests in the supply chain. 

 Create your free account, schedule your Inspections online, make payment arrangements, and receive your detailed Inspection report electronically. 

 We utiliizes the strictest international standards ensuring product safety and regulatory requirements are met. 

We guarantee to be at any factory in Asia within 48 hours. Clients are allowed to modify or cancel orders up until 4 pm (China time) the day before the scheduled inspection. 

Delivered 80% of the time, the same day as the inspection. Every report includes detailed pictures; you see what the inspector sees.

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