Denim Fashion Designing

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We at do fashion designing and here, we are showing you example of Denim pants layout that we done for a client, via visual and illustrator..

Illustrator designs are not shown due to privacy but visual review shown as temp . Again its for educational and review purpose and not to initiate orders or show any competitive designs

8d109 001.jpg 8d109 002.jpg 8d109 003.jpg 8d105 001.jpg 8d105 002.jpg 8d105 003.jpg 8d103 001.jpg 8d103 002.jpg 8d103 003.jpg 8d108 001.jpg 8d108 002.jpg 8d108 003.jpg 2D100F.JPG 2D100B.JPG 2D102F.JPG 2D102B.JPG 2D101F.JPG 2D101B.JPG 2D103F.JPG 2D103B.JPG 2D104F.JPG 2D104B.JPG 2D104FT.jpg 2D104BT.JPG 2D103PKT.JPG 2D106F.JPG 2D106B.JPG 2D105DP.jpg 2D103 PICO.JPG 2D104PKT.JPG

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