Stealth Wear: Drone-proof clothing line

On March 23, 2013


New York-based artist, Adam Harvey, collaborated with designer Johanna Bloomfield, also from New York, to come up with a called Stealth Wear. Stealth Wear is a line of “counter surveillancegarments created to challenge the sophisticated surveillance technologies being developed such as government drones.

The anti-surveillance clothing is made from nickel-metalized fabric which can block IR-detection from thermal cameras — similar to the ones used in drone surveillance. So far, the items of clothing include; a burqa-like covering, a headscarf modeled after the traditional hijab, a hoodie and a T-shirt with X-Ray blocking material sewn into the area that covers the heart.

Harvey explained that the clothing isn’t designed to completely obscure an individual from the view of IR detecting technologies because that requires the compliance of Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR).

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