Smart fabrics Sourcing

On February 18, 2013

We at also work with Special vendors to source Smart Fabric garments.

Smart fabrics are also defined as High Tech.

Our Director himself have worked for GoreTex fabrics, for making ECWCS (Extreme Cold Weather Clothing system)

so if you are looking for special vendors who can make garments or samples using smart fabrics then please let us know at 1888-38-INDIA (USA #)


Today, the interaction of human individuals with electronic devices demands specific user skills. In future, improved user interfaces can largely alleviate this problem and push the exploitation of microelectronics considerably. In this context the concept of smart clothes promises greater user-friendliness, user empowerment, and more efficient services support. Wearable electronics responds to the acting individual in a more or less invisible way. It serves individual needs and thus makes life much easier. We believe that today, the cost level of important microelectronic functions is sufficiently low and enabling key technologies are mature enough to exploit this vision to the benefit of society. In the following, we present various technology components to enable the integration of electronics into textiles. Electronic textiles (e-textiles) are fabrics that have electronics and interconnections woven into them. Components and interconnections are a part of the fabric and thus are much less visible and, more importantly, not susceptible to becoming tangled together or snagged by the surroundings. Consequently, e-textiles can be worn in everyday situations where currently available wearable computers would hinder the user. E-textiles also have greater flexibility in adapting to changes in the computational and sensing requirements of an application.The number and location of sensor and processing elements can be dynamically tailored to the current needs of the user and application,rather than being fixed at design time.

As the number of pocket electronic products(mobile phone, palm-top computer, personal hi-fi, etc.) is increasing, itmakes sense to focus on wearable electronics, and start integratingtoday’s products into our clothes. The merging of advanced electronicsand special textiles has already begun.

Wearable computers can now merge seamlessly into ordinary clothing. Using various conductive textiles, data and power distribution as well as sensing circuitry can be incorporated directly into wash-and-wear clothing.


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