Local in USA

IF you are looking for a service provider in these areas, then call us at


New Certified factories in India, Egypt, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nicaragua then call us .
Garments Sourcing Services can help you source factories, produce clothing, and monitor quality assurance from these countries. Best part, you can see live, progress and process. We make trips to get all done. You see results

Technical HELP:
We have team in USA that can help you in making tech packs, grading specs, making technical patterns. Call 1888-38-46342


WEB and eCommerce :
GarmentsSourcing.com can make you a online sales store. example Click RED button to see website of our client. We can make similar website for you 

You just need to provide us excel of inventory, garments or pictures, and we do rest.
We can also update/maintain your present website
We can train your team member to make online eCatelogue (private or public) for free. Example 


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