New engineered stripe/graphic placement approval methods

On September 22, 2011

vendors to use 1 of 2 methods outlined below:


1.       To make this easier, we do not need to see the graphic placement on all sizes.  We are confident in our grading for these POMs.  Instead of small photos of every size, please send us one big photo of the placement on size medium.


2.       Sometimes the vendor has the actual y/d fabric and uses it in the photo to help show placement.  If this is the case, cut out the pattern [no seam allowance or shrinkage added] and then place the remaining paper on the striped fabric [like a stencil]. This way we will be able to see the stripe and the pattern shape.  The same stencil can be used over and over since this is a block.  See attached scaled-down example I made to help explain [fabric mock-up method], of course the actual approval would be actual size.


3.       If bulk y/d is not available yet, the stripe can be printed actual size and placed on a paper pattern along with the graphic.  See attached example [stripe repeat on paper method].  If possible, please make the stripe print-out wider than it is in the photo.


4.       Design would like to see where the collar point will land [approximately] on the shirt.  They are interested in seeing the collar point in relation to the left chest graphic. Please add the collar pattern to the mockup, regardless of which method you choose.  An example is shown in the ‘fabric mock-up method’ photo.


5.       Whichever method works best for you , it is important that the photos are clear, in focus, and large enough to see.  The placket, collar and graphic must be clearly marked and/or plain to see.  We will assume that everything in the photo is to spec.



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