Central America

On March 7, 2013

Update from Central America

1. I have two companies that are willing to put 100% of the materials provided there is a LC of backup for the PO.

2. The PO minimum goes from 15K pieces up to 100K pieces. They preffer to have a limit for each PO to a max of 100K pieces. If you have 300K pieces then they would accept 3 PO´s of 100K each.

3. They are vertically integrated from yarn to garments packed.

4. We can have the blank T at 1.99/piece Cafta and 100% cotton crew neck 145-150 gsm and 200 for rib KPOE 20/1 for body. Tubular construction, specially made for blanks. In here they prefer solid size solid color pack, bulk type in 60 pieces box or heavy polybag.

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