About Us

About Us

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We provide HELP in USA in areas listed below

  • Technical help to Overseas clients in Grade, Tech package, Attending Live fittings and resolving conflicts
  • Patterns, Grading, Markers help
  • Bridging Gap between Overseas clients and USA/Canada Buyers
  • Helping clients maintain healthy relations with existing clients, by ensuring proper communication
  • Representing clients in USA/Canada running Expos, by providing team, resources and expo escorts
  • Helping clients to resolve legal conflicts
  • Inspecting Goods overseas using overseas affiliated partners.
  • Mail service provision where we represent Overseas clients as there overseas affiliated office

Garments Sourcing is a one-stop shop for all your textile and garment sourcing requirements from

  1. Knits, embroidery, Indian ethnic wear, and Jewelry from India
  2. Fleece, Denim, Knits Polo’s from Pakistan,.
  3. Cargo’s, Knits from Bangladesh
  4. Woven Pants, Denim, and Camis from Egypt
  5. Sports wear from Central America

We offer you quality goods that fit and suit your requirements at prices that are attractive and what more we deliver them within necessary time lines.

We have experience & exposure for a long time to understand the unique and specific needs of the apparel industry. With an uncompromising attention to quality, productivity, precision, delivery and effective cost reductions, Style Sourcing promises to give you on edge over most others in the industry. Good infrastructure, stress on quality, adherence to strict and timely delivery and a team of experienced personnel is what makes us a preferred player in the industry. We have numerous garment and textile industry setups, and a wide and ready base of vendors for special requirements. The company is poised for a bright future as it offers the best in world standards.Vertically integrated vendors, with infrastructure for spinning, dyeing, knitting and processing facilities in environments for cost-effective functioning. We are strategically located for easy, convenient and ready access. This reduces and minimizes a lot of time, effort and cost for you. Our thrust is on people as good talent and the right skills are a prerequisite to run and manage a
good enterprise.We have experienced Production Managers, Quality Assurance Personnel, Lab
Technicians, Qualified Custom Clearance and Freight Forwarding experts to see through timely delivery.


Production Services can help you source factories, produce clothing, and monitor quality assurance. GarmentsSourcing.com utilizes the best international clothing factories. Our mission is to assist you with producing the highest quality clothing & fashion accessories at the lowest possible cost. If you are currently producing large quantities of clothing, we can help you improve your profit margin. Allow us to give you a quote…

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